Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Cuppa Joe Skin Care

Greetings everyone!

We drink a lot of coffee. A lot.

We actually enjoy it, and the fact that it helps us keep up with the pace of life with 8 kids is a bit of a bonus. So I decided that I would try out one of the many lifehacks involving used coffee grounds the other day....this time, using it as an exfoliant.

There are many different versions of coffee ground exfoliant recipes on the net like this. But I did not feel like mixing up oil and sea salt and all the other stuff so I decided to use straight used coffee grounds as a facial scrub. (actually I was also too cheap to use olive oil)

So after bringing it into the shower and scrubbing my face with it, the first thing that came to mind was, I probably should have cleared this with Liz first, seeing as after rinsing them off, there were coffee grounds every where. However I will say that the used grounds worked quite well, and the natural oils of the coffee actually had a moisturising effect.

Used coffee ground facial scrub. Totally works. But it makes a bit of a mess.

Tipsi Dad  

Going Chrome Part 2

Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to the new blog! I am still keeping the Tipsidad blog going, but since Liz and I have entered into the world of entrepreneurship full on, the "single income" doesn't really apply anymore, seeing as we are both working at building the business. So this blog will focus on some of our adventures, trying out life hacks and testing out products that make running our household less chaotic...theoretically.

This marks the 4th day of test driving the Samsung Chromebook and so far I have been pretty happy with it.(part one of this  review is found at tipsidad, here). Keep in mind that the primary reason that I got the Chromebook was to have a secondary device that I could browse the internet and check my Facebook and emails, without having to get a whole new computer.

The thing that I have appreciated most is its wake up time from hibernate. Just lift the screen and you're on. In offline mode, you can write notes and work on some emails, but other than that it is VERY limited unless you have a connection to WiFi. In fact, I could even say that without WiFi, it is pretty much a paperweight. Having said that, according to the cute little Chromebook animation, Google is working on increasing its offline capability all the time.

I have not had anyone to video chat with but the camera is really laggy. Personally, I would stick with facetime for face to face conversations.

But for things like blogging, working on documents in Google drive, checking Facebook etc. this thing is great!

I would seriously NOT recommend it as a primary device, it is most definitely a peripheral, but for what it does it is better than a tablet and nicer to use.

more to come...

Tipsi Dad